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At Realcashier we are focused on explaining complex accounting concepts, process and terminologies in lucid language with the help of illustrations, diagrams and brief pointers. Along with accounting, Realcashier also provides explanation on topics related to Financial ratios and Taxation under Indian laws. Core area of this site is as below.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

This Segment contains explanation regarding various accounting and bookkeeping topics which will help you to learn almost all accounting concepts with ease.

Financial Ratio

This Segment contains explanation regarding almost all the financial ratios which are being used by the investors and financial analyst for reading financial statements, determining the health of the organization, identifying investment opportunities and taking decisions on current investments.


Indian taxation law mainly revolves around two types of Tax which are Direct taxes and Indirect taxes. Direct taxes are being levied on the income earned by the person and are basically known as income tax. Whereas, Indirect taxes are levied in form of Goods and Services tax, Excise duty, Customs duty,etc. This segment provides explanation on various topics of Direct and indirect taxes.

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